As we open our eyes to view nature’s many pleasant sights, we observe a tree standing tall and rooted to the Earth. 

Do we ever wonder at its resolute resilience as it stands tall in one place for its entire life? As I look at a tree, I observe it gathering nutrients through its roots to sustain itself, never giving up on life because it cannot move from this one place where the roots took hold after a seed landed on a chance encounter with fertile soil. Nature’s bounty thrives wherever it can take hold and where conditions are favorable. Living plants are. Let us go back to the simple source of this miracle. A plant has the resolve and wisdom to grow without a mother or father; the wisdom it carries within itself genes. 

This allows it to exercise its autonomy and freedom to move only as the laws of nature permit it to do so.

It is bound by its natural roots to one place for the rest of its natural life. The tree, Its history is simple, yet profound, chance led its seed to land on the nutritious Earth and began to germinate from the soil’s nutrients. It does not complain, nor does it move beyond the limits set by its natural accomplishment from where it stands, nor can it move from one place to the next;It merely grows taller and creates branches and leaves to reach out to occupy surrounding spaces. Yet the one choice it does not have is to move from the place in which it has its roots. 

Its resilience at this natural occupation in space, remains its destiny,

yet it determines its future from the choices open to it, by branching out into open surrounding spaces. This resilience is a determination which has a lesson in self-realization. The position in which each of us occupy changes only when we make the most of the options available to us in time and space. These options depend upon where the opportunity takes us. Trees are natural inhabitants that live in harmony within a diverse environment of natures’ bounty. More to come soon for SELF REALIZATION IN NATURE SERIES