I Am the Change I Seek as a company is focused upon enhanced capacity building with a comprehensive wellness, education
and leadership training to achieve personal growth and professional goals. The training is a unique approach as created and designed
by Kathleen Suneja, the Founder of this new start up company. This program assists clients to achieve personal growth in order build
individual fortitude and personal leadership skills to enhance self awareness of the strengths and weaknesses within each person. The
eventual goal is to realize an individual’s fullest potential by personally enhancing interpersonal skills to create the inner capability to
manage, resolve and prevent conflicts by personal wellness and growth. The step by step focuses on finding the true inner capacity to
create new leadership capacities to overcome social, economic, cultural, spiritual adversity. This unique approach creates within each
person a new skill set and capacity based on each individual’s natural human capability. This brings awareness and opens the trainee’s
mind to new and advanced self learning to enhance problem solving techniques with improved self-esteem and the
realization of social and individual capacity to manage, resolution and prevent conflicts as well as enhance productivity in a goal
oriented achievement capacities.

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

Government Business POC: Kathleen Suneja
Phone: (301) 229-3562 | Fax: (301) 229-3562
Email: kathleen_suneja@yahoo.com
Address: 8215 Osage Lane Bethesda, MD 20817
Socio-Economic Factors: WOSB
Work Area: Global
Core Competencies

Core Competencies

• A book “I Am the Change I Seek” with step by step
guidance to body-mind-spirit connection
• An Application, which would help people daily in
keeping up with the process of training.
• Videos and other training programs guides to assist
in this self-renewal exercises.
• Other spiritual tools and guides to create self-
awareness in creating a better human experience in
problem solving and leadership training.


611430 Professional & Management Development Training
624310 Vocational Rehabilitation Services
G004 Social - Social Rehabilitation
G099 Social - Other
R499 Support - Professional: Other
Past Performances

Past Performances

Companies who have benefited from the progam are:
• Body & Brain Yoga, Anita Ahn Program Manager, Muddy
Branch Road Center, Gaithersburg, Maryland
• Amen Clinics, Dr. Daniel Amen purchased several copies of
the book to incorporate some of its principles it into his


• This is a unique program which has created by its Founder,
Kathleen Suneja. The step by step guidance will create
optimal conditions to make meditation easy to use in mental
and spiritual fitness. It is unique in that it does not have any
bias based on religious or spiritual preferences and persons
from every religious faith will benefit.
• It combines health, wellness and spiritual growth under one
comprehensive umbrella of creating and enhancing
performance of individuals in their daily lives.