I Am The Change I Seek

A Primer In Self-Realization

Connecting to the inner self is the best means to overcome adversity.

The book is a guide to self-realization so as to make optimal decisions to prevent being overwhelmed by an oppressive situation. Freedom is a state of mind. One must begin by making changes within the self to realize the depth of one’s freedom. Self-realized thoughts overcome trials and tribulations.

These transform actions based in reasoned solutions. Active learning, self –correction in self-love helps achieve optimal thoughts. Inner consciousness improves actions that withstand adversity. This enduring philosophy is a fail- safe, tried and true method to uphold autonomy of the self. Oppression is best overcome with self-assured wisdom that exposes ignorance. To overcome limited consciousness, one’s identity is also open to reconsideration.

The notion of One World lies in consciously connecting to the collective as a whole while securing ones unique individuality.


New Edition of “I Am The Change I Seek” will be out soon from CM Wells Publishing